Welcome to ICPAFR 2013

27th Biennial symposium of the ICPAFR 

New Zeland
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are happy to welcome you to the 27th Biennial symposium of the ICPAFR to be held in Hamilton, New Zealand between 29 and 31st August 2013. The Waikato Institute of Technology and the School of Sport and Exercise Science are honored to co-organize this relevant event.
ICPAFR, one of the oldest and most interdisciplinary physical activity-related scientific societies, has a membership spanning a wide range of scientific disciplines. It aims to develop a better understanding of all the complex phenomena that the perspective of physical activity for general fitness includes and with a lifespan perspective. Moreover, it aims to exchange expertise and knowledge, and attempts to identify and focus on problems related to specific components of physical activity, in particular, those connected to the standardization of tests and measurements.
The Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) is located in New Zealand’s North Island, in the region of Waikato, in the dynamic city of Hamilton, home to over 46,000 tertiary students every year. Built on the banks of New Zealand’s largest river, Hamilton is close to everything you want to be part of. Beaches, mountains, rivers, thermal pools, countryside, sport centres and adventure activities are all an easy drive away.
Something about the School here. 
This general symposium theme “Physical activity across the life span, with special emphasis on the developing infant and young child” has been chosen due to the paucity of knowledge and understanding about the latter part of the theme. We hope to contribute to a deeper knowledge of this important area.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in 2013!

Prof. Franco Viviani 
ICPAFR President

Prof. Albrecht L. Claessens
ICPAFR Past President